Taking notes and minutes

The purpose of this course is to teach your employees a range of relevant note and minute-taking techniques that will enable them to note key points in meetings and discussions in relation to the agenda and then to draw clear, precise and comprehensive summaries targeted to the appropriate recipients.

Upon course completion, participants will:
- be aware of the demands of taking notes
- be able to use focused listening in meetings
- be able to note the most relevant and important details
- be able to compose accurate and comprehensive reports
- be able to target their reports to the relevant audience
- be able to write clear, concise and accessible Danish
- be equipped with specific communication tools.

Content and form
The course alternates between presentations and plenty of practical exercises, offering ample opportunity for practising note and minute-taking techniques:

The role of the note-taker, incl. rights and responsibilities
The note-taker’s work before, during and after the meeting
Focused listening technique, incl. the use of active listening
Effective note-taking techniques, incl. Mind Mapping
Noting key points from meetings and discussions in relation to the agenda/ recipients
Composing notes and minutes using examples
The language of minutes. Writing clearly, concisely and accessibly
Being aware of the sender/receiver relationship in the final formulation
Plenty of practical exercises with direct feedback and coaching of each participant
Specific communication tools for the independent design of notes and minutes after the course


A one-day course from 09:00-16:00 including breaks. The course runs year round, depending on your available dates.

Open course, please see the dates at the bottom of this page.

Open course: the course is held at Virksomhedsskolen’s offices at Vesterbrogade 37, 1620 Copenhagen V.
Private company courses can be arranged at either Virksomhedsskolen or at your offices.

Open course, per participant 3.990.00 DKK – excluding moms and refreshments.

Open courses