Assertiveness Training

The aim of the course is to help employees achieve respectful dialogue between themselves and their colleagues. Communicating assertively enhances self-esteem because you voice your opinion without offending others thereby avoiding self-reproach.

You will become better at communicating clearly and convincingly. You will learn how to say what you want and to put your foot down when faced with something you disagree with. • You will learn how to deal with difficult situations in a constructive way. • You will become better at giving and receiving feedback. • You will learn how to deal with colleagues' pressure and manipulation. • You will learn how to make an impact with your opinions and messages. • You will receive practical tools which you can take home and use in your everyday life.

Course content
The course alternates between lectures and lots of practical exercises during which there will be ample opportunity to practice being assertive based on your own experiences and issues. • Body language and behaviour - how do we respond? • Your rights and the rights of others. • How to say no and set boundaries. • How to handle colleagues' pressure and manipulation. • How to ask for what you want. • Active listening - listen with understanding. • How to give and receive criticism. • How to manage your own and others' emotions (anger, joy, etc.). • Strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence.

The course will be held as a 1-day course from 09:00 to 16:00 including lunch and breaks. The course can be taken at any time of the year to fit your schedule.

The courses will be held at Virksomhedsskolen, Vesterbrogade 37, 1620 Copenhagen V.

4.600 kr. - incl. teaching materials, but excl. catering and Moms (VAT).

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