The Course’s Participants
All new foreign employees in your organisation who need a fast, effective and comprehensive introduction to living and working in Denmark.

The Goal
The goal of the course is to give each participant a broad yet in-depth knowledge of Denmark, while also giving them the practical tools they and their family will need in order to be successful in Denmark as quickly as possible.

The Course Content
During the course, the following subjects will be presented and addressed:
· Danish culture and mentality.
· Danish work mentality and habits.
· Cultural Do’s and Don’ts
· General historical, political and statistical information about Denmark
· Social networking and free time - getting the most out of Denmark

The Instructors
All of Virksomhedsskolen’s teachers and course instructors are professional, dynamic individuals who have the necessary educational background as well as extensive experience in Danish business/professional life.
All teaching will be in English.

Course Length
Living in Denmark is a 1-day course which can be held on any day of the week to suit your company / organisation’s calendar.

The course can be held at our offices in Copenhagen or at your workplace, whatever is most convenient for you.

Course fee inclusive of teaching materials: DKK 2,490 exclusive of VAT and any board and accomodation costs.