Efficient Meeting Management

This course is for anyone wishing to learn how to chair more productive, efficient and purposeful meetings where all those in attendance gain the maximum yield from their participation.

Course objective
The objective of this course is to provide you with tools and skills that will enable you to plan, conduct and manage efficient meetings. To achieve this, approaches for minimising time waste and maintaining a common thread throughout meetings will be learned and trained alongside techniques that will facilitate active involvement of all those participating in the meeting.

Effective meeting planning and preparation
•    Getting your meetings off to a good start
•    Different meeting structures 
•    Dealing with time-wasting issues and maintaining a common thread 
•    Achieving primary goals and intermediate goals 
•    How you act as meeting chairperson
•    Participant involvement during the meeting
•    Active listening and management of discussions
•    Summarising participant contributions
•    Practical training of skills learned
•    Drawing tangible conclusions 
•    Rounding up and ending the meeting
The course will alternate between instruction/presentations and intensive practical exercises where you will be able to train your meeting-management skills in relation to your specific experiences and work situation. 


Benefits and skills gained
•    You will become better at planning your meetings
•    You will learn how to structure and time-manage your meetings
•    You will learn about different types of meeting structures and how to make use of these
•    You will develop greater personal impact as a meeting chairperson
•    You will learn how to maintain a common thread throughout your meetings
•    You will learn active listening techniques and how to manage and encourage participant input  
•    You will learn how to manage meetings without being overly dominant
•    You will learn how to summarise participant input, succinctly, loyally and constructively
•    You will learn how to conclude and round off meetings effectively

The courses will be held at Virksomhedsskolen, Vesterbrogade 37, 1620 Copenhagen V.

Price 5.500 kr. - incl. teaching materials, but excl. catering and Moms (VAT).

This course is a one-day course held from 09:00 to 16:00

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