Introductory course

Target group
The course is aimed at anyone who wants to be able to express themselves in basic Chinese so that they are able to manage the fundamentals in everyday life in China and in social contact with Chinese colleagues.
The course is intended for beginners or those with limited experience and will start from scratch with pronunciation, vocabulary, light grammar, polite phrases and everyday expressions so that participants can quickly start speaking Chinese.

The teaching is carried out by professional instructors with a native background and university education in China. All our instructors have lived in Denmark for a number of years, are fluent in Danish and know about the specific issues Danes have when learning to speak Chinese.

The course consists of 30 or 40 lessons with 2–3 lessons per weekly session.

Appointments for closed company groups and one-to-one lessons are scheduled by agreement.

Closed company group and one-to-one lessons can be held at your own premises or at ours by agreement. Online courses are also an option