Communication and dialogue

This course is aimed at equipping you with the tools you need to communicate with others. The emphasis is on communication with empathy and respect, whilst still succeeding in conveying your message clearly so that partnerships can be strengthened and developed.

• You will gain an understanding of what shapes your own personal communication
• You will learn to understand underlying motives and intentions in the communication of others
• You will learn to be proactive and adjust inappropriate communication
• You will train how to politely and assertively refuse and turn down requests.
• You will learn to maintain a dialogue with colleagues – even in difficult situations.
• You will learn to use dialogue as a tool for strengthening and developing partnerships.
• You will gain specific tools that you can use immediately in your workday.

What will be covered?
• The basic elements of communication: the mental processes
• Your personal communication DNA and how this affects your ability to communicate
• Reactive to proactive communication through self-understanding
• Communication as body language and behaviour
• Dialogue as an active tool to promote co-operation
• Awareness of your own language and the signals it sends
• Active listening – listen with understanding and empathy
• Giving and receiving criticism
• Dealing with the emotions of others
• Boosting your self-confidence and hitting your message home
• Communication with empathy to support the self-esteem of others

Instruction methods
• Theoretical study, group discussions, interaction and feedback
• Practical group attitude and empathy practice
• Specific training exercises in daily communication at work
• Communication language exercises focussed on becoming a good listener
• Concluding exercise to define your personal communication action plan. This course will be held as a 1-day course from 9am to 4pm.

The courses will be held at Virksomhedsskolen’s centrally located facilities at Vesterbrogade 37, Copenhagen.

Including materials, the price for each participant is DKK 5.500 (excl. lunch + VAT)


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