These courses are essential for employees who collaborate across borders and therefore need to procure a deeper insight into the culture of another country. A great example is our Chinese Culture course:

Chinese Culture
China is currently experiencing rapid economic development. Companies that want to enter the Chinese market have to secure a share of the market today and in the future. Virksomhedsskolen offers a one-day cultural course on China where the participants learn how to avoid cross-cultural misunderstandings in business matters with Chinese customers, suppliers, and authorities.

Concept of Course
The main emphasis is placed on giving the participants an insight into the differences between Chinese and Danish company culture, thereby making communication easier and less problematic between your employees and your Chinese colleagues, customers, suppliers, and the Chinese authorities.

The course will be held in Danish.

Teachers with an academic background and occupational experience.

Virksomhedsskolen, Vesterbrogade 37, 1620 Copenhagen V.