Conflict Management

Target group
The course has been designed to meet the specific needs of managers in the public and private sectors who require training and insight into situations that may potentially cause conflicts.

The primary objective of the course is to strengthening your confidence and conflict-management skills. Key gains • You will become better at identifying different conflict types, enabling you to be more effective at dealing with and resolving them • You will become able to identify who needs to take action in any conflict and determine what course of action he or she should take • Your ability to enter into open dialogue surrounding contentious issues will be strengthened

Course content
In this course, we will deal with a range of different conflict types, including interpersonal conflicts and structural conflicts. In particular, we will focus on the following: • conflicts rooted in the organisational structure of the company/organisation, including work procedures and areas of responsibility • conflicts caused by discord with a particular employee • conflicts between two or more individuals - colleague to colleague and internal to external • the "conflict escalator" - model that provides you greater insight into and understanding of conflicts Through practical exercises and role-play, you will be trained in the behaviour that you need to adopt to avoid the escalation of conflicts.

This course is held as a 1-day course from 9am to 4pm and can be held throughout the year on a date that suits your schedule.
Minimum 9 participants and maximum 16 participants. The course will be split in the event of the 16-participant maximum being exceeded.

5.500 kr. - incl. teaching materials, but excl. catering and Moms (VAT).

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