Speed reading

Speed reading
One-day course

What is speed reading?
Speed reading is a technique for increasing your reading speed which, once learned, enables you to read double as quickly. Not only will speed reading free up more of your time at work, but it also greatly enhances your capacity to understand and remember texts. Speed reading is not merely about increasing speed, but is about adopting different and new approaches to reading. The one-day course will also focus on training in skimming and scanning texts rapidly to extract meaning.  

Target group
The course is predominantly aimed at academic employees engaged in Science/Research positions who are required to read large amounts of text on a daily basis, including reports, notes, technical documentation etc. The content and format of each course will be tailored to the individual company.

Course objectives

  • To double or triple participants’ reading speed.
  • To equip participants with techniques that enable them to comprehend a greater proportion of the material they read.
  • To free up more time during the working day for other activities than reading.
  • To provide a greater level of comprehension of the material being read.

Key gains for participants

  • You will increase your reading speed by at least 100%.
  • You will learn different reading techniques for different purposes.
  • You will get the maximum out of the texts you read.
  • You will free up more of your time to focus on other tasks.
  • Your level of concentration and memory capacity will be expanded.
  • You will take home tangible reading tools that are instantly usable in your working day.

Course content and format
In the course, we will alternate between tutorial-style teaching and practical exercises, where there is ample opportunity to train the newly learned skills with focus on individual experiences and issues.

  • Training in ‘block reading’ with fewer eye-pauses.
  • Training in enhanced concentration to avoid having to re-read sections of text.
  • Systematic training of your reading-memory throughout the course.
  • Visual reading techniques to speed up your reading.
  • Techniques to stop you silently ‘reading aloud’.
  • Skills in increasing the tempo and gaining a more rapid understanding of the text.
  • Tools enabling fast orientation in technical texts – with focus on own materials.
  • Skim reading (skimming) – instruction in several methods.
  • Personal and tangible reading tools that can instantly be put to use after the course.

A one-day course from 09:00-16:00 including breaks.

Courses can be arranged at either Virksomhedsskolen or at your offices.