Write Danish Correctly

Target Group:
Employees who, to some extent, work with written material on a daily basis, and who want to be able to express themselves correctly in Danish and avoid the many pitfalls of Danish spelling and grammar.

To enable the participants to deal with the many problems with linguistic correctness they encounter when writing.
To provide the participants with linguistic tools that enable them to correct themselves.

We go through the most common problems with Danish spelling and punctuation, e.g. mistakes with the ‘r’, division of words, commas, abbreviations, and suffixes. We also deal with other areas in which problems may appear, e.g. typography and text-layout.

We apply useful mnemonic rules that make mistakes easier to spot and avoid, and we work with relevant books that make it easier to solve linguistic problems in everyday life.

The course is held as a one-day class, from 9.00 to 16.00 on the following dates:

Course location
Virksomhedsskolen, Vesterbrogade 37, 1. tv., 1620 Copenhagen V.

DKK 3.990 - including all course material (food and VAT not included).


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