General Language

Who is it for?
Employees in both the private and public sectors, who need effective and targeted language training in either small groups or private lessons. 

To increase participants’ fluency in French using realistic communication situations in the classroom, for example, through role-playing, situational dialogue, etc.
To make participants aware of the opportunities they themselves have for maintaining their acquired language skills.

The emphasis is on the oral interaction between teacher and student(s) in realistic conversational situations. Engaging conversational texts are employed. The student’s own  material is used as much as possible.

Vocabulary is broadened through a versatile text selection. Grammar is taught, when necessary, in order to achieve linguistic correctness. Homework in the form of written assignments is also possible if the participants so desire.

A course is typically 30 to 45 lessons, with two or three lessons per meeting, once or more weekly.

Open courses