Negotiation techniques

Who is it for?
This course is for anyone who wants to participate in or independently conduct negotiations in French with the same academic profile and authority as when negotiating in Danish.
It is assumed that participants have a pre-existing reasonable general level in French. Feel free to take our complementary language level test.


  • To provide participants with the necessary linguistic tools to carry out effective negotiations.
  • To provide participants with an opportunity for trying out their new skills via realistic negotiation role-play.

We start by giving all the participants a brush-up in their oral communication skills, so that everyone is warmed up and ready to participate in the subsequent role-playing around planning and carrying out negotiations.

We train participants in sitting on both sides of the table by focusing on presentation and argumentation techniques in French.

We train participants in active listening in French, including a focus on linguistic nuances.

Linguistic etiquette for when negotiations are being reviewed.

Many practical and realistic negotiation situations are role-played throughout the course.

The course is taught by experienced native instructors, specialising in job-related language.
Only the latest teaching materials are used.