Being Stationed Abroad

A language package for the whole family

Who is it for?
For all employees who are being stationed abroad for shorter or longer periods. We offer a comprehensive language package for the whole family, so everyone gets a good start in the new country.


  • To provide the stationed employee with the necessary skills in the foreign language so that the new job can be tackled linguistically from the first day.
  • To provide the accompanying spouse/partner with a general competency in the language so they can manage in everyday situations.
  • To teach the family’s children enough language so they can function in school or kindergarten from day one, so they are not at a disadvantage.


1. Job package: Intensive flexible language training at job level in both general and professional language for the stationed employee, where they come close to the language skills demanded by the job. There is also orientation about the country's economy, politics, culture/ values ​​and history.

2. Spouse Package: General training in the vernacular of the relevant language for the accompanying spouse/partner with emphasis on small talk, shopping, restaurants, contacting the authorities, school and other institutions. Includes orientation on the country’s culture, mentality and values.

3. Children’s Package: For those children who will attend kindergarten in the new country, the primary focus is on teaching them – through play and games – enough language so they can manage when among other children in their new daily lifes. School-going children receive both a strong boost and intensive training in the foreign language in those school subjects, in which they are taught in their new school. We procure the exact textbooks they will use by contacting their new school. This means they are well prepared for their new school.

The job package ranges from 20 to 100 lessons depending on skill level and training needs. The lessons are flexible, based on the participant’s diary – very intensively or over a longer period. Meetings can be agreed upon meeting to meeting.

The spouse package is typically 20 to 50 sessions as required. If desired, the spouse can be taught at home, particularly if children are also to be taught. Teaching can, of course, also be held at our offices.

The children’s package usually takes place in the family home with the accompanying spouse/ partner present. Ideally, the teaching period is extended over several months, so the children can learn the foreign language at their own pace.