Norwegian Language Course

This course is available as an open course, please see dates at the bottom of the page.

Who is it for?
The course is for anyone who wants to learn Norwegian quickly in a small, but effective group where there is time to focus on each individual participant.
All participants are tested before the course starts, ensuring that participants are placed at the right level.


  • To teach the participants spoken Norwegian in the shortest time possible
  • To develop each participant’s spoken Norwegian as much as possible
  • To provide participants with linguistic confidence in Norwegian.

Norwegian is spoken from the outset and we will work with modern, easy-to-understand texts that stimulate the participants into wanting to express themselves in Swedish.
Conversation, discussion and role-play are used to gain oral proficiency as much as possible.
Grammar and pronunciation rules are reviewed, as necessary, and we work on building an active command of Norwegian vocabulary.
We will work with understanding spoken and written Norwegian through listening and reading comprehension.
Swedish culture and mentality are included as a natural part of the teaching.

Classes are taught by instructors with a background in academic, linguistic education. All our instructors have extensive experience in adult education and are accustomed to a dynamic and intensive teaching method.

30 lessons or 40 lessons as needed, private lessons or small groups.

Private company group and/or private lessons are available on agreement and can be held at our or your offices.