Telephone Swedish

This course is available as an open course, please see dates at the bottom of the page.

Who is it for?
For all employees who need to be able to express themselves in proper Swedish when speaking on the telephone and make themselves understood in both general and factual contexts.


  • To learn everyday telephone vocabulary in everyday situations.
  • To understand the importance of listening and “active listening”.
  • To be conversational in Swedish, thereby being able to express yourself clearly and succinctly using few words.

The first part of this course consists of teaching and instruction: 20 lessons of 45 minutes. This can be held as either a 2-day course or over 1-10 weeks, depending on the number of classes per week. Teaching can be held at either our or your offices or at a teaching location at various locations throughout the country.

The second part of this course consists of 15 phone calls of 15 minutes duration. The talks will be in Swedish and implemented according to a set schedule. The teacher calls the student and the conversation focuses on the participant’s job.

Minimum 4 participants.