On-line courses

This course is available as an open course, please see dates at the bottom of the page.


Skype courses with a private instructor

Who is it for?

For employees who are unable to attend teaching in person, but instead need a flexible course without a fixed place and time.

What’s in it?
One-to-one or group sessions taught using with the picture and sound of your own personal instructor, anywhere you have access to a computer. All levels and all languages. A flexible course that doesn’t require a physical presence. Employees can be taught simultaneously as a group, despite being in different locations. Can be supplemented with written assignments. A typical course is 20 to 30 lessons.

One-to-one written communication. All languages.

Who is it for?
Employees at all language levels who want to improve their written communication in a foreign language (or their written Danish).

What’s in it?
One-to-one course with your own personal instructor who follows you for the length of the course. 30 written assignments sent and corrected via email with thorough feedback. The assignments are tailored to the client’s specific needs and requirements. Scope: 30 corrected assignments at participant’s pace.

Self-study in all languages. From beginner to business level.
We offer a package where you can go from beginner to business level in all languages. The teaching programme consists of a wide range of exciting interactive exercises for building-up useful vocabulary and sentences as well as exercises in grammar and understanding, so you can communicate effectively at the selected language level. Our license provides you with twelve months’ access to this internet-based training programme, which you can use anywhere in the world with any PC.