Danish for Foreigners

Target Group
This course is for any foreign national who wishes to learn Danish quickly and effectively in a small group where there is time for individual student needs.
All participants are tested with regards to their Danish language competence before the course begins to ensure that they are placed at the right level.


Course Goals

  • To teach each participant to speak clear and correct Danish during short, intensive lessons.
  • To develop each participant's Danish language competency.
  • To increase each participant's confidence when speaking Danish.

Course Description
Danish is spoken from the very beginning of the course.
Modern texts and media are used to stimulate the participants to express their ideas and points of view. Discussions, dialogues, and role-play exercises are used to further employ and develop each participant's language skills.
Grammar and pronunciation rules are addressed according to the needs of the class and their respective language levels.
The development of a varied and active vocabulary together with grammatical accuracy are a central focus throughout the course.
Oral and written Danish literacy is also addressed during the course through reading and listening comprehension exercises.
The Danish culture and social mentality are addressed as a natural aspect of language learning throughout the course.

All of our Danish instructors have a Master's degree or higher in Danish or have extensive experience teaching Danish as a foreign language.

The course consists of 20 lessons, held two  each session over a period of 10 weeks.

Choose between:

Advanced level: Tuesday from 16:00 to 17.30

Intermediate level: Thursday from 16:00 to 17:30

Elementary level: Friday from 9.00 to 10:30

Look at the bottom of the page for start date.

All courses are held at Virksomhedsskolen, Vesterbrogade 37, 1620 Copenhagen V.

Course fee including teaching materials: DKK 3,250 excluding VAT.

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